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England : 1974 First Place: “Art into Landscape” competition, organized by the British Arts Council, the London Sunday Times and the Royal Institute of British Architects. Exhibition at Serpentine Gallery, London, England.



Two offerings

Print diagram 1: The egg-shaped clock tower at a tilt of 45 degrees (a possible Capital City municipal wonder)

Print diagram 2: Education of feeling; theatre on the lake architectural play with four elements.

( theatre designed for New Towns; towns that in most cases and sometimes for good reasons, have sacrificed meaning to utility)

Both projects are not so much to brighten up a patch of waste land as to make a possible contribution to popular education, which has been very much neglected in the twentieth century. Popular education is the greatest waste land we have today. People always longed for marvels (it was part of the Christian pilgrim's education to see the Muslim Dome of the Rock on the way). We relate to our earth through eye-witness accounts about spires and pyramids, pleasure domes, the Leaning Tower, the Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge, and hope that we might see them for ourselves. And what has our time given to countless visitors and children? In spite of improved transport you can just as well stay at home, your block of flats in Hong-Kong is the same as your neighbor’s in Algeria. London or Moscow. The emphasis in these two projects is therefore on what it does rather than where it is.

British Arts Council Tour of “Arts into Landscape” exhibition. Coventry, Brighton, Wolver Hampton, Nottingham, Bradford, Hull, Whitehaven, Gateshead, Dumbarton, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast (1975-76)




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