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1975 -1980 Fano Foundation Educational Village/International Summer School in Italy

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Slobodan Dan Paich, Chairman and Director of Studies of the Fano Foundation Educational Village, and the International Summer School in Italy, 1975-1980.

Annual recreation of a primeval dwelling

1975 - 1980 Maria Vittoria Colona-Winspere, who lived in southern Italy in an ancient house surrounded by a loosely structured village of over 30 trulli (ancient conical dry-stone dwellings), wanted to turn parts of her agriculturally-abandoned land to a different use. She read the findings of the French competition: Ideas for a building promoting life long learning and invited Slobodan Dan Paich to start a project based on his award-winning entry.

Re-inhabiting the stone buildings

They decided to create a summer art school. S.D.Paich served as Chairman for the charitable trust that was set up in Britain to administer the school. Every summer, for five years, art students, architects, musicians (a string quartet attended one summer), established and aspiring artists came to the summer school.

Images of the finished lake at Fano

The school improved the land and repaired the ancient dry-stone dwellings, some of which had prehistoric origins and were maintained by successive occupants over thousands of years. In addition, the local people and school participants built a small lake, an attempt to create a self-sustaining ecosystem with a poetic landscape.

Learning local traditions

Building of the lake

School activities

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