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Synthesis for Communication
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Slobodan directing Ty Blair in Spring Moon. 2005

As Theater Director / Dancemaker of the ARTSHIP Ensemble, Slobodan Dan Paich is working in close partnership with the company members - actors, dancers, musicians, storytellers, language & visual artists - on two shows.

The first, “Tarantella, Tarantula,” recently had its world premiere in September / October 2006, and is ready to go on tour in 2007. The second, the “Burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria,” is currently in pre-production and scoping rehearsals after initiation of the idea and Slobodan’s background research in 2005 /2006. It is moving toward full rehearsals and a premiere in San Francisco during the 2007-2008 season.

Ensemble process is at the core of Slobodan’s work. ARTSHIP Ensemble has a deep commitment to an ongoing weekly process of rehearsals, skills-building, inspirational improvisations and co-creation. This incubating process is a living kernel from which are pulled artistic standards, the shaping of new productions, community involvement and celebrations.

Our work attempts to create poetically rich space from the moment someone enters the theater, an outdoor or site specific space, to see our performance. Great care is taken that every aspect of the many-faceted field created gives the audience breathing space for their own spirits to expand.

Slobodan Dan Paich directing Spring Moon, a retelling of the Persephone myth for the opening of DiMaggio swimming pool in the North Beach district, San Francisco. 2005.
Photo: Robert Du Domaine

DiMaggio pool rehearsals for the performance wihch used both the deck and the pool as the stage.

Slobodan directing the performance of Wind Flowers, San Francisco.1991

Slobodan directing street theater in the South Lumbeth district, London. 1976

Slobodan building a large environmental sculpture which was used as set design for impromptu performances for the exhibition Play Orbit at the Institute For Contemporary Art in London. 1969

Pages from the brochure announcing Slobodan's lecture Freedom of Imagination Precedes Freedom of Speech at the Karajan Center in Vienna, Austria. 2000

Link to photographs of  ARTSHIP Ensemble incubating process by Dennis Letbetter

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